Oxypeel fighting the effects of stress

Oxypeel fighting the effects of stress

Spots and blemishes are an inevitable blot on our angst-ridden teenage years. Balancing the rigorous demands of a career and family is causing an outbreak of adult acne among thousands of women.

Shenaz Shariff says in the UK 80% of adult acne occurs in women. While clinical studies in America have revealed 54% of females over 25 now suffer some facial acne.

The film stars Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz have had it, and so too has fashionista Victoria Beckham. While it’s thought fluctuating hormone levels caused by periods and pregnancy may account for some to suffer. The primary aggravating factor is increasingly becoming chronic stress.

  • The sebaceous glands are tiny glands found near the surface of your skin.
  • The glands are attached to hair follicles, small holes in the skin that individual hairs grow out of.
  • The glands lubricate the hair and skin to stop it from drying out by producing sebum.
  • In acne, the glands produce too much sebum. It mixes with dead skin cells to form a plug in the follicle.
  • These can then become infected causing pustules.

Shenaz says: ‘When you combine workplace stress with household responsibilities, cosmetics, skin irritants, and monthly hormone fluctuations. You have the perfect breeding ground for adult acne.

Why Oxypeel? Oxypeel fighting affects stress

Oxypeel the answer to fighting the effects of daily stress

Shenaz believes that Oxypeel, a treatment that is applied much like a normal face mask, is the antidote. To give these women back blemish-free skin and the confidence to look in the mirror again.

It is a peeling treatment. But it isn’t a chemical peel. Instead, it works via biological exfoliation.

Rather than peeling any skin off with it, Oxypeel works by allowing oxygen into the basal layer of the skin where new cells are generated. It also dislodges damaged skin cells exfoliating the skin while helping control the skin’s sebum production—the main cause of acne.

By removing the film of bacteria on the surface of the skin and imparting oxygen to the base of it. The skin can regenerate.

Oxypeel, one of many innovative non-surgical treatments available at Shenaz’s central London clinic, was developed by medical scientist Sujata Jolly. Who specialised in dermatology and has been at the cutting edge of developments in UK skincare for 30 years.

Sujata is well known for her expertise in skin disorders and works closely with her practitioners. To ensure they can provide the best possible treatment for their clients placing great emphasis on assuring their efficacy and simplicity.

Can it help other skin conditions? Oxypeel fighting the effects of stress

Shenaz treats many celebrity and high-profile clients for whom the way they look is paramount but believes the highly effective non-surgical treatments she uses at her central London clinic can help thousands of men and women who may suffer from acne, pigmentation discoloring, scarring, and even sun damage.

‘I work with each individual client to work out a treatment program that will suit exactly their particular skin issues. I know from many years of experience that Oxypeel has been hugely effective in not only improving skin tone but in giving my clients back their confidence and self-esteem. Oxypeel fighting affects stress

‘Better still there are no side effects just healthy-looking skin.

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, Shenaz recommends clients have an Oxypeel treatment once a week for six weeks with a break of two weeks after which the skin is re-assessed to see if any further therapy is required.

‘The results of Oxypeel build up over the course but some improvements are noticeable immediately. A lot depends on the skin itself as everyone is different and some people may be more responsive immediately, for others it will take a little more time, but generally, we have found six treatments offer great results,’ says Shenaz.

Ruby Hammer who had the treatment is a huge advocate of Oxypeel. ‘Shenaz Shariff is incredible. The results were immediate and I thoroughly recommend a course of treatment to anyone.

What aftercare is required?

Oxypeel the answer to fighting the effects of daily stress

‘I recommend that my clients only use Oxypeel foaming Milk which is a cleanser and exfoliator during the treatment process and should be used as part of their daily skincare routine,’ says Shenaz.

It accelerates cell removal by loosening the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface and stimulates cell regeneration. Regular use of Foaming Milk increases the production of elastin and collagen leading to fresher and healthier-looking skin. Foaming Milk is effective but gentle for use on the entire face, including the gentle eye area and on the neck and décolleté.

It contains Agua, Synthetic Surfactant, Hydrolysed Protein, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Propylene Glycol, and Nipastat.
Shenaz also asks her clients to use Zap It topical acne cream during the treatment.

It helps control spots, prevent scarring and hyper-pigmentation and doesn’t damage or cause sensitivity to the skin.

It works by dissolving the keratin plug that blocks the pilosebaceous duct. Antibacterial agents destroy micro-organisms in the sebaceous glands and the released oxygen encourages healing and reduces inflammation. Or to make it less scientific, Zap-it works by oxygenating, healing, and nourishing the skin as spots vanish!

Key ingredients are Aqua, Alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl ammonium chloride, Bromelin, Lysine, Cocoamphodiacetate, and P- hydroxybenzoic acid esters.

Can you prove it works?

Oxypeel the answer to fighting the effects of daily stress

‘Have a look at the before and after photographs and the effectiveness of Oxypeel, one of the many non-surgical treatments offered at our Central London clinic, speak for themselves,’ says Shenaz.

‘I treat both men and women and the treatment is also effective in teenagers who may have problem skin and who understandably shy away from prescription drugs to try and combat the skin issues they are having.

Oxypeel is an incredibly safe and effective treatment and I have lost count of the number of clients who leave the Face and Body Clinic feeling happier and more positive about how they look’.

To learn more about Oxypeel and what else the Face and Body Clinic can offer to make you look and feel better, make an appointment for a consultation now.

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