Light Refinement Therapy

Light refinement therapy

Rejuvenate Your Skin With The Latest Treatment in Cosmetic Technology on Harley Street, London

Looking to improve the quality of your skin and give it back the healthy glow and elasticity?

Introducing Light Refinement Therapy: Using varying LED wavelengths, this skincare treatment technique purportedly helps to treat acne, reduce inflammation and promote anti-aging effects.

Light Refinement Therapy with Shenaz Shariff on Harley Street, London

At the Face and Body Clinic, we believe in non-surgical, safe, and innovative solutions that can help our patients achieve their desired results most comfortably and effectively. Shenaz Shariff, founder and beauty expert, has over 30 years of experience in non-surgical beauty treatments. That’s why we offer the Light Refinement Therapy treatment. 

  • Doesn’t contain ultraviolet rays
  • No surgery
  • Fast, convenient, and zero recovery time
  • Prevents skin ageing
  • Doesn’t cause burns on the skin
  • Safe for regular use
  • Safe for all skin colours
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Promotes elastin and collagen production, resulting in a firmer and toned skin
  • Regenerates the skin from aging 
  • Treats acne
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Reduces age spots and wrinkles
How it works

Light Refinement Therapy

Light Refinement Therapy is an advanced treatment of the latest in cosmetic technology to produce significant and long-term improvement to fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment involves lowering a panel covered in blue and infrared lights directly above the target area. By doing this, a pigment in your skin is enforced to absorb the light. Having absorbed the light, this pigment then converts it into cellular energy, in turn stimulating elastin production, collagen production, and overall skin regeneration.

By increasing the passage of oxygen to the upper skin layers and stimulating the production of both collagen and elastin, this treatment can produce incredible results.

Not only does it serve to reduce the appearance of both lines and wrinkles, but it also strengthens the structure of the skin, reducing sagging and restoring vitality.

Book A Free Consultation

If you are interested in the non-surgical Light Refinement Therapy treatment, we advise booking your free consultation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

All our consultations and in-clinic treatment sessions are led by our beauty and wellbeing expert Shenaz Shariff.

To book a Light Refinement Therapy appointment, use the button below to request an appointment slot for your initial free consultation, which will take 15-20 minutes. At your free consultation, you will receive a complete treatment plan and quote before proceeding with the treatment.

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Frequent questions

You may be a candidate for LED light therapy if you have these types of skincare concerns: 

  • Fine lines & wrinkles 
  • Acne 
  • Inflammation
  • Saggy skin 
  • Age spots 


And if you haven’t gotten the results you want from over-the-counter (OTC) skin products. LED therapy is also safe for all skin colours, and it doesn’t cause any burning.

Initial Free Consultation

When you first enquire about Light Refinement Therapy at our clinic, you will be offered a free consultation with Shenaz Shariff. This consultation takes approximately 15-20 minutes, during which time she will discuss your needs and recommend if Light Refinement Therapy is the right treatment to achieve your desired results.

All in-clinic sessions are held in a private 1-on-1 setting with Shenaz Shariff.

The treatment session takes approximately 20 minutes. You will be able to lie down and relax whilst Shenaz will talk you through the process and use the Light Refinement Therapy machine to treat your target areas.

You will be able to see visible improvements after a series of treatments in our The Face and Body Clinic.

You may need a Light Refinement Therapy treatment each week for about a month. Then you might need maintenance treatments every month or every few months depending on your skin improvement. 

You’ll likely need up to 10 treatments total, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve.

LED light therapy is noninvasive, so no recovery time is required. You should be able to continue with your everyday activities once your treatment is over.

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