VoluDerm - The Non-Surgical Rejuvenative Technology That Stimulates The Body To Naturally Produce Hyaluronic acid- on Harley Street, London

Introducing VoluDerm – The non-surgical, micro-needle VoluDerm technology triggers the body’s natural healing response mechanism by stimulating the body to produce naturally hyaluronic acid, new collagen, and elastin in a safe and effective process.

VoluDerm Treatment with Shenaz Shariff on Harley Street, London

Shenaz Shariff, founder, and beauty expert at the Face and Body Clinic, with over 30 years of experience in the field, believe in non-surgical, safe, and innovative solutions that can help her patients achieve their desired results most comfortably and effectively.

That’s why we offer the VoluDerm treatment because it is the most recent technological advance which has revolutionized the whole field of non-surgical collagen regeneration, elastin growth, and auto production of hyaluronic acid. Patients reported achieving a significant improvement in their skin appearance, but also the features to make the process comfortable and convenient:

  • Clinically proven long-lasting results
  • No downtime
  • No severe pain
  • No side-effects
  • Optimally tailored treatment for each patient`s individual needs
  • Rejuvenated and volumized skin
  • Increased elastin to the skin
  • Firmer skin with improved volume
  • Smaller pore size
  • Fewer wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduced acne scarring
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How Does The VoluDerm Treatment Work

Wound healing effect – Areas penetrated by needles are surrounded by healthy unaffected skin areas which function as healing centers promoting effective skin renewal. This induces the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen regeneration, and elastin growth.

Each pulse emission is composed of two actions:

Intelligent RF assisted penetration facilitates smooth and painless penetration of micro-needles to target the middle layer of your skin. The RF gently removes the
skin and heats the deeper skin layer.

Electrical non-thermal action & effect. Selectively removes the target
area using safe non-thermal energy. The resulting micro-wounds in
the skin, trigger the wound-healing effect.

Book A Free Consultation

If you are interested in the non-surgical VoluDerm treatment, we advise booking your free consultation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

All our consultations and in-clinic treatment sessions are led by our beauty and wellbeing expert Shenaz Shariff.

To book a VoluDerm appointment, use the button below to request an appointment slot for your initial free consultation, which will take 15-20 minutes. At your free consultation, you will receive a full treatment plan and quote before proceeding with the treatment.

Frequent questions

VoluDerm is a good option for you if you’re:

  1. Concerned about signs of aging on the face, poor texture or skin irregularities caused by acne scars or large pores.
  2. Having a sensitive skin, as the procedure is both gentle and effective.

Non-surgical, Safe & Painless

Most patients find the procedure quite painless. The micro needles used in treatment are almost unnoticeable, as they do not affect the top layer of the skin.

Initial Free Consultation

When you first enquire about VoluDerm at our clinic, you will be offered a free consultation with Shenaz Shariff. This consultation takes approximately 15-20 minutes, during which time she will discuss your needs and recommend if VoluDerm is the right treatment program to achieve your desired results.

All in-clinic sessions are held in a private 1-on-1 setting with Shenaz Shariff.

The treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes. You will be able to sit down and relax whilst Shenaz will talk you through the process of the treatment.

Because VoluDerm is a gentle treatment, patients will see more improvement after several sessions, typically spaced several weeks apart to allow the body to procedure collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids. Optimal results generally require at least three treatments, and many require as many as wight. It all depends on your goals and the condition of your skin.

VoluDerm does not require any downtime or special recovery instructions. Patients can resume all normal activities right away, including work, school, and exercise. Though the procedure involves micro-needling, there will be no bleeding or bruising following treatment, because VoluDerm addresses the deeper layers of skin.

Many patients notice that their skin feels tighter and smoother immediately following the treatment, but more extensive rejuvenation will occur during the following months, as the skin produces its own agents and repairs itself.

As with other cosmetic skin treatments, patients should take care to protect the skin from the sun to preserve the results of the treatment and avoid brown spots.

While many patients are solely interested in facial VoluDerm treatments, the procedure is actually quite versatile and safe for the other areas of the body. Many patients have benefitted from VoluDerm treatments to address skin problems and aging on the hands, neck, upper chest, and other areas. Multiple areas can be treated for comprehensive rejuvenation, if need be.