Look younger naturally with a non-surgical jowl lift


Look younger naturally with a non-surgical jowl lift

Look younger naturally with a non-surgical jowl lift

Look younger naturally with a non-surgical jowl lift

How many times have you see Hollywood A-listers with that permanently surprised look on their face after too much plastic surgery?

They may have got rid of the wrinkles and the bags under their eyes. Their skin looks anything but natural up close and the more surgery they have, the worse it’s going to get.

But it is possible to get rid of sagging skin around the jaw-line without resorting to debilitating general anaesthetics and the bruising after effects of surgery.

Shenaz Shariff is a health and beauty expert. Shenaz offers non-surgical jowl lifts at her London clinic by using radiofrequency therapy that can:

  • Contour facial skin
  • Reduce unwanted fat deposits
  • Firm and rejuvenate the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The Face and Body Clinic in central London was chosen exclusively to use this new Tripollar technology. Which has had fantastic results in non-surgical jowl lifts .

No matter how much you try and diet or exercise. There are just some areas of the face – particularly around the jaw-line and neck that need a little extra helping hand whether you are male or female.

The machine which is used to carry out the non-surgical jowl lifts is pain free.  It works by heating fibroplasts which produce collagen and elastin.  As they heat they contract and collagen strands are pulled closer having the immediate effect of tightening the skin.

At the same time fat cells are heated which accelerates the metabolism causing them to shrink. Giving tighter, younger looking, remodelled skin.

Shenaz admits: ‘I get a lot of people who come to me because they are sick of the broken promises of over the counter anti-ageing creams that cost a fortune but don’t actually work.  Understandably they are scared to have general anaesthetics, invasive surgery and harsh chemical treatments.

‘That is why I believe this non-surgical jowl lift which I can do at my Harley Street clinic is the ideal anti-ageing alternative. It works and gives my clients a natural looking younger skin’.

And if you like the non-surgical jowl lift, the therapy can be extended to help eliminate deep lines and wrinkles and give a total refined, youthful facial structure.

Dancer Chris Fedorov has spent a lifetime keeping his body in shape but once he was the wrong side of 40 he admits. The same couldn’t be said for his face.

‘To keep on dancing you often have to compete against people half your age. For me plastic surgery wasn’t the answer because I wanted a less invasive and more subtle approach.  And that’s exactly what I got with the help of Shenaz and her team who worked out a wonderful package of non-surgical treatments that were ideally tailored to my needs’.

Shenaz admits: ‘My clients have been so delighted by the effects of the non-surgical jowl lift. That they’ve wanted to enhance their faces even further and radiofrequency therapy enables very delicate areas of the face to be treated. Around the eyes and lips – without causing any pain or damage.

‘Non-surgical procedures like this are perfect for busy professionals of both sexes. Or for anyone who wants to get back a more sculpted look. That age is always going to try and take away from us’.

Shenaz can be contacted at The Face and Body Clinic in central London and offers consultations to clients. To ensure that they are embarking on the right treatments. Not just for now but for the future so that when it comes to guessing your age, people will be taking the years off.  Not adding them on.

Contact info@thefaceandbodyclinic.co.uk  for more information and to arrange a consultation.